Saturday, April 3, 2010

To the greatest drummer in the world...

To the greatest drummer in the world...

In the summer of 1969, a mail sorter at a New York post office received a letter addressed "To The Greatest Drummer in the World." There was no address or return address and the sorter wasn't sure what to do.

Fortunately, there was a former drummer who worked the front counter of the Post Office who promptly found Max Roach's address and forwarded the letter. Max Roach received the letter and said, "Oh no, I'm not the greatest drummer in the world." Max then promptly forwarded the letter to Gene Krupa, who said "Somebody must've made a mistake." Gene then forwarded the letter on to Buddy Rich. Of course, Buddy had been waiting his entire life for that moment.

He looked at the letter and read the words; "To The Greatest Drummer in the World" and smiled from ear-to-ear as he ripped open the envelope.

He began to read the letter, "Dear Ringo...."


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Simply 2010

So I'm going to just say it simply. I'm poor. And Neil is busy with school. The Carps have done great things. We've grown over the past few years and have played all over the place. I never imagined that "All The Damn Kids" would take us to Norway. But it did. And we are infinitely happy about that.

But when a little indie rock band of our size comes to this crossroads of local act/full time venture, you need to make that critical choice. "Do I leave my day job and try to make this work?"

Now, neither of us have day jobs, but I've spent the better part of 2009 ignoring The Carps to play drums with my friends, Thunderheist and Styrofoam Ones. This allowed me to eat and keep playing music. Neil is in the final throws of his PhD at Oxford, and as you can imagine, it's incredibly intense and time consuming. This means, when we do get together in New York or Toronto or the UK, we spend very little time jamming and writing. Simply put, we don't have what we need to commit to this band and allow it to grow. If we were to try, we would end up being miserable and putting out music we don't believe in. Which, is where we were heading to be quite open about it....

This isn't us breaking up the band. We're just not going to tour in 2010. No interviews, no new single leaks. What we will be doing is writing. Writing until we get it right. Until we get something we believe in. Something we'd be proud to play every single night when we are out there making gas money and sleeping in our van. Making music you are beyond OVERJOYED to be playing make all the difference. And we don't have the time these days to make that music.

I can't explain how good it feels to lay on the dirty floor of a soundguy's apartment after an amazing show. It makes all the struggle and hustle worth it. I really hope that when we come back in 2011 to tour that you guys will still be right there with us. Still listening. Still giving a care about what I've got to say and the sounds we're trying to make.

We really do love you all, and are grateful for the few of you who know who we are and have told your friends and parents to download our music from the Pirate Bay. Thanks.



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DJ Cleo

After playing the Festival Transmusicale this past weekend, we are spending all of our time passing around great african riddims that are really inspring us right now. Getting to spend time with great bands like BLK JKS and The Very Best was great. It was really interesting to finally meet other bands that use Afro riddims as a basis for their sound, and it's still not "world" music. Just very modern, while using the beats that make us move.

Here's a song we are REALLY into right now.
DJ Cleo


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Hickey Underworld

AMAZING video from a great Belgian band, The Hickey Underworld.

Pay attention!

This is what music videos should be made of. And the songs that accompany them.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just in case you were wondering, we still make music.

It's not all politics!

Well, in this case it kind of is...

I wrote this song about how people of colour are struggling all over the world, and there is no difference between the systematic prejudice people face in America, and the deep colonialism in Africa. Just because it's sunny in one place and muggy in the other doesn't change the circumstance.

The original is a thrasher. When we play it live it really bangs. We tried to keep a fair compromise between a song you can dance to and still hear the words. And keep the groove in the forefront.

However, I've been doing tons of remixes of this song, and I stumbled across some grand ideas today and I've laid out a semi-electro/dancehall banger for everybody to enjoy. Even if you don't care about the plights of others.

Just get down anyways.



Monday, May 11, 2009

An open letter to my MP.

The following is related to the current protests happening in major cities all around the world. The country of Sri Lanka (Neil's mother's homeland) is in the middle of a civil war. We don't concern ourselves with BS politics. We just want peace. Contact your member of congress or MP. Call somebody you voted for and tell them to help out.

Hello MP,
I'm writing this message as a concerned citizen. I have been watching the Sri Lankan protests unfold for the past few weeks, and have heard the voices of the Sri Lankan community, and also the voices of the general populace.

I am surprised and outraged by the response of so many Canadians. Things like "Go back to Sri Lanka and protest!" And other comments filled with rage and ignorance.

As you know, we all have the right to legally protest. It's what makes this democracy run. It's what makes this country the place it is. The fact that many have come here to express their disagreement with the powers that be, or speak out against groups with power who are abusing it.

Now while the protests have reached a boiling point, where the safety of other citizens is at risk, nothing has been done by the Harper government to reach out to the government of Sri Lanka to provide peace keeping troops to the area. To help the government come to some sort of peaceful solution. What we are seeing in that country is tantamount to genocide. We need peace all over this world. And helping Sri Lanka is something within reach.

So I implore you, as a by-partisan citizen. PLEASE urge parliament to SAVE these people. It is part of being Canadian. To help and be a country of peace in this world. Certainly, we are adults and understand that the world isn't butterflies and rainbows, but I do know that love exists, and if we can't show compassion for our fellow man, we do not only fail to uphold the euphoric ideals of Canadian culture, but we fail to be human beings.

Jahmal p. Tonge


Monday, April 20, 2009

I liked that MGMT record. What I have for them though is sheer and unabashed haterism. I'm fully jealous of them, and not ashamed to admit it. What could be better than having a full on pop single without having to put the member of the music business in your mouth?

But, they are thieves.

Wait, I'm not the first person to cop this am I?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Le Le Breakfast

The homie Skeet put me on this months ago. I bought it on iTunes and it's been on steady blast since.

Strange how I wrote a whole sentence in colloquial semi-urban speak.



Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crappy Crap to add to the CRAP you already bought.

1st piece of crap:
The great thing about this shite product is that you can just hang yourself one time if the mood strikes.

2nd piece of crap:
SEE A DOCTOR. They can blast those nasty things of in two seconds. Are you really gonna be the tool walking around in socks that don't cover the most important part of your feet? The real reason socks exist? Come on.

3rd piece of crap:
Because the most important thing in a fire is to make sure you get out on a step ladder that costs $19.99... JUMP YOU STUPID COW!

4th piece of crap:
I would actually love to see somebody use this. You know those clowns who try to carry on mountains of things onto the plane and clog up the aisles while you're trying to board? Imagine this jackass walking down the aisle with this sex ramp. Hitting you in the head as he bumps and jostles every single aisle. Oh... I want to see somebody with this thing so I can push their heads into it repeatedly.

6th piece of crap:
You're just an idiot to waste $40 on a drum noise making mousepad. Even if it just a grown ups version of a kids toy that says 'moo' and 'quack'.

Next time you are flying over the skys of America, never forget. It's the greatest country in the world. They've got lots of money to buy things. ^^^ That's what we do with it.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Update

It is with great pleasure I write to you this evening.

We wanted to give you all a Quick update.

-Jimmy Kimmel w/MSTRKRFT!
Watch Jahmal this Wednesday, March 18th performing beside super talented DJs MSTRKRFT live on the Jimmy Kimmel show (check your local listings for showtime in your area).

-Steamwhistle does it RIGHT.
Whether it will be a triumphant return or a happy moment is totally up to you. Both positive, but the onus is on you to come out and make the Carps return to Toronto the former. Completely tremendous. Be there April 17th at the Phoenix in Toronto to see the Carps along with electro-funk wizards Woodhands. This is like the Boat in 2006... Just alot bigger. Hope to see you there!

The economy is bricks right now. That's fine though. The Carps will be recession busting rock all over the hard hit city of Hamilton April 18th. Come out, and bring all of your friends. Hamilton loves The Carps. The shows are always packed. And The Carps love hamilton. Bring all of your McMaster friends and buy them a drink to ease the pain that there will be NO jobs when they graduate.

With love we send you best wishes. And your support means new music. And new love.


Oh, did we mention we will in the studio starting April? That full length you asked for? Your patience will be rewarded with aural riches much beyond your comprehension.